What We’re Learning

Layers of Learning Year 4

Weeks 1-2 (August 27-September 6)
American Government, The United States of America, Heat and Temperature, and Patriotic Music

Weeks 3-4 (September 9-20)
Expanding Nation, Pacific States, Motors and Engines, Tall Tales

Weeks 5-6 (September 23-October 4)
Industrial Revolution, US Landscapes, Energy, Romantic Art I

Weeks 7-8 (October 7-18)
Revolutions, Mountain West States, Energy Sources, Romantic Art II

Weeks 9-10 (October 21-November 1)
Africa, US Political Maps, Energy Conversion, Impressionism I

Week 11 (November 4-8)
The West, Southwest States, Earth Structure, Impressionism II

Weeks 12-13 (November 12-22)
Civil War, National Parks, Plate Tectonics, Post-Impressionism

Weeks 14-15 (December 2-13)
World War I, Plains States, Earthquakes, Expressionism

Week 16 (December 16-20)
Totalitarianism, US Economics, Volcanoes, Abstract Art

Week 17 (January 6-10)
Great Depression, Heartland States, Mountains, Kinds of Art

Weeks 18-19 (January 13-24)
World War II, Symbols & Landmarks, Chemistry Air & Water, War Art

Weeks 20-21 (January 27-February 7)
Modern East Asia, Southern States, Food Chemistry, Modern Art

Weeks 22-23 (February 10-21)
India’s Independence, People of America, Industry, Pop Art

Weeks 24-25 (February 24-March 6)
Israel, Appalachian States, Chemistry of Farming, Modern Music

Weeks 26-27 (March 16-27)
Cold War, US Territories, Chemistry of Medicine, Free Verse

Weeks 28-29 (March 30-April 9)
Vietnam War, Atlantic States, Food Chains, Photography

Week 30 (April 13-17)
Latin America, New England, Animal Groups, Latin American Art

Weeks 31-32 (April 10-May 1)
Civil Rights, Texas State Study I, Instincts, Theater & Film

Weeks 33-34 (May 4-15)
Technology, Texas State Study II, Habitats, Architecture

Weeks 35 (May 18-22)
Terrorism, America in Review, Conservation, Creative Kids