Where’s Waldo

While we were on vacation our guinea pig Apollo died. We were very sad, but not surprised. He had never been super healthy and then a friend injured him trying to pick him up and he was really never the same after that. Fritz said that he must have died because he was lonely and he cried and cried until he died.

Our original plan was to get a pair of guinea pigs to replace him. But then we started thinking about getting a different type of animal. We still wanted a small animal. Jamie’s allergic to cats and we didn’t want a dog. I checked at the Humane Society and they had a little guy that we absolutely fell in love with: Waldo!

We brought our ferret home Friday night and we have been absolutely thrilled with him. He’s a lot of fun to play with. He loves going for walks around the house on his leash. We haven’t gotten brave enough quite yet to let him run free around the house. We’re all already totally in love with our Waldo.