The Arts: Post-Impressionism

This year in school we are using Layers of Learning year 4. Weeks twelve and thirteen of school we did unit 7. Our arts topic was post-impressionism.

We played with geometric shapes and colors.

We looked at the Starry Night on the boys’ wall and drew the shapes we saw in it.

We made teeny tiny paintings.

We drew pictures using oil pastels.

We drew pictures of animals popping out of the jungle.

We learned about pointillism and made hot air balloon pictures.

We learned about Rodin and made a sculpture out of aluminum foil.

The Arts: Impressionism 2

This year in school we are using Layers of Learning year 4. Week eleven of school we did unit 6. Our arts topic was, again, Impressionism.

We took photos and them transformed them into works of art.

And we learned about a whole lot of impressionist painters and viewed some of their works.

The Arts: Impressionism 1

This year in school we are using Layers of Learning year 4. Weeks nine and ten of school we did unit 5. Our arts topic was Impressionism.

We compared a Vermeer to a Monet to introduce how impressionists painted. (We all preferred the Vermeer.)

we discussed the painting that gave rise to the name Impressionism.

We went outside and did some painting ein plein air.

We learned how to paint in the impressionist style (clearly Fritz did not feel the need to paint his orc that way).

We played with different brush strokes and mixing colors.

We learned about pointillism.

The Arts: Romantic Art II

This year in school we are using Layers of Learning year 4. Weeks seven and eight of school we did unit 4. Our arts topic was romantic art II.

We read the original version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and acted it out.

We discussed several poems from that era.

We learned about Robert Louis Stevenson.

And Charles Dickens.

We illustrated Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

We learned about Williams Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and John Keats.

And about Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley.

We listened to Beethoven’s Fifth and identified different parts of the music and watched a biography on Ludwig von Beethoven.

We watched two videos of songs by Frederic Chopin.

The Arts: Romantic Art I

This year in school we are using Layers of Learning year 4. Weeks five and six of school we did unit 3. Our arts topic was romantic art I.

We discussed William Blake’s The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed With the Sun.

The we drew scenes from our favorite books.

We looked at a cloudscape by John Constable.

And then went outside and looked up at the sky and created our own cloudscapes.

We discussed The Raft of Medusa by Theodore Gericault.

And George Stubbs’ Lion Attacking a Horse.

And then watched a video about the restoration of the Greek statue from which he was most likely inspired to paint all of his lions and horses.

We discussed Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix.

And watched a video about our own Statue of Liberty.

We finished up our first week learning about romantic art by watching a video about the life of Eugene Delacroix.

We learned about Francisco Goya.

We learned about sitting for portraits and then took turns sitting and drawing.

We learned about the imagination involved in romantic art.

We learned about JMW Turner (Fritz was surprised to learn that art critic is an actual job).

We learned about the Hudson River School type of art.

We learned about Caspar David Friedrich. We discussed Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog and drew our own versions of it.

We discussed other painting by Friedrich as well.

The Arts: Tall Tales

This year in school we are using Layers of Learning year 4. The second two weeks of school we did unit 2. Our arts topic was tall tales.

We talked about hyperboles and illustrated ones we made up.

We learned about Jim Bridger.

We learned about Davy Crockett. Adrian said he really understood Crockett saying “You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas” because he lives in Texas and it really is that awesome.

We made up tall tales about all the amazing stuff we have most assuredly done.

We watched an old Paul Bunyan cartoon.

We learned about Mark Twain.

We watched two versions of John Henry.

We learned about Flatboat Annie.

We discussed folk heroes from tall tales and today’s superheroes and how they are similar and different.

We wrote our own tall tales about all the amazing things we could think of to have our characters do.

The Arts: Patriotic Music

This year in school we are using Layers of Learning year 4. The first two weeks of school we did unit 1. Our arts topic was patriotic music.

We watched several YouTube videos of Patriotic Music including the Battle Hymn of the Republic by the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.

Irving Berling singing God Bless America.

Chester, our first national anthem. Named Chester because… who knows!

We learned about Francis Scott Key. Cameron remembers when we went to Fort McHenry years ago. Fritz vaguely does.

We learned about proper etiquette during the national anthem and watched a video of The Star-Spangled Banner.

We watched several videos of patriotic music including America the Beautiful, The Stars and Stripes Forever, The Washington Post March, and a kind of weird mash-up of My Country ‘Tis of Thee and God Save the Queen.

We listened to the songs for all the branches of the military and guessed which was which.

We learned about George M. Cohan and the music he wrote.

We learned a line dance to Yankee Doodle Dandy.