March for Our Lives


On Saturday, Jamie, Ani, and I joined about 1,000 of our fellow San Antonioans in support of common sense gun control.


A few tourists, upon realizing what we were doing, joined the parade.


People along the route applauded as they watched us go by.


As with anything in San Antonio, it was a pretty laid back, we’re having a party sort of atmosphere.


But March for Our Lives and the incredible ease with which people can get guns in this country is not fun and games. It’s a very serious issue. Ani returned from her really long Invisible Recovery hiatus to make a video about it.

Ani’s Mental Health

This week on Invisible Recovery Ani talks about mental health. It’s a long one, but worth watching all the way to the end if you or a loved one deal with mental health issues (related to chronic illness or not). She missed last week because she was procrastinating on editing this video since it was such a big job.