How to get a boy with ADHD to focus on math

Adrian’s been all over the place during math recently. I’ve been constantly trying to get him to focus. And then I got the best idea ever. I asked him if he wanted to do his math on the whiteboard. Suddenly he was the most focused kid ever. Best idea ever!

International Homeschool Spirit Week 2018!

Last week was the annual International Homeschool Spirit Week and we actually remembered to participate!

Monday was pajama day. While many homeschooling families stay in pajamas every day, we don’t so it was different and fun for us.

Tuesday was out and about day. We went with Cameron to taekwondo when he had to work in the morning and all three did some schoolwork while waiting for student to get there. Then Cameron treated his younger brothers to Sonic milkshakes.

After lunch and the boys had finished their schoolwork, we went to the park. We took our bird along and she seemed to enjoy it though we didn’t stay very long because it was back in the 90s and the mosquitoes were really bad out there.

At the park, I took what might be the most adorable picture of Rae yet.

Wednesday was crazy hair day. Cameron gelled up his younger brothers’ hair.

Thursday was fandom day. The little boys and I decided to all dress in Pokemon shirts.

Friday was giving back day. My mom made cute little bunnies and the boys named them.

Then we went around the area and hid them in plain sight for kids to find.

The Arts: Renaissance Art II

Week 35 of school we learned about Renaissance art using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 20.

We watched a YouTube video about the doors that sparked the Renaissance and then drew our own doors.

We compared pre-Renaissance and Renaissance paintings of the Madonna.

We drew pictures with a vanishing point.

We examined a Brueghal painting and found some of the proverbs in it.

We drew round pictures.

We drew animals with texture.

We watched a Sister Wendy video.

Geography: Carribean Sea

Week 35 of school we learned about islands in the Caribbean Sea using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 20.

We did mapwork.

We made postcards of scenes from the Carribean.

We picked countries in the Carribean and gave reports on them.

We colored the flag of the Bahamas and answered questions about it.

We compared and contrasted Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

We watched YouTube videos about the Crop Over Festival and the Cuban Missile Crisis.