History: American Revolution

Weeks 34 and 35 of school we learned about the American Revolution using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 20.

We learned about some of the major battles of the Revolution and which side won them.

We added to our timeline.

We tried to make five-pointed stars, but made a mistake somewhere and ended up with six-pointed ones.

We discovered Fritz had no idea how to march when I told him to march around the room to Yankee Doodle.

We watched a YouTube video about the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War.


History: 1776

Weeks 32 and 33 of school we learned about the year 1776 using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 19.

We added to our timeline.

We learned about the colonies and how they voted on the Declaration of Independence and what they were known for.

We learned about Paul Revere’s ride and made a lantern.

We watched several YouTube videos.

History: Boston Tea Party

Weeks 28 and 29 of school we learned about the Boston Tea Party using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 17.

We added to our timeline. For the first time we had to put some on the facing page because the main timeline page is completely full.

We did mapwork.

We decorated cookies to demonstrate taxation without representation. After they spent some time making their cookies as pretty as they could, I told them I was taking a tax of one cookie each and they had no choice in which I took. Then I told them we were going to vote on having a cookie party later in the day and on how many cookies they would each contribute to the party. They got to choose which ones they wanted to contribute. We talked about how the first way was like taxation withOUT representation and the second was taxation WITH representation.

We made a model of Faneuil Hall.

We watched lots of YouTube videos including the Boston Tea Party episode of Liberty’s Kids.

History: Slave Trade

Weeks 22 and 23 of school we learned about the slave trade using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 14.

We added to our timeline.

We watched several YouTube videos including a documentary on the Middle Passage.

We labeled the parts of the triangular trade route on a map.

The boys held a debate on the pros and cons of the slave trade. Adrian was against, Fritz was for, and Cameron was the moderator. Fritz did a pretty good job of arguing for something he feels incredibly strongly against. He said he could do it because of playing Dungeons and Dragons.

The boys got under some chairs in a very small space (Cameron wasn’t actually able to fit at all) to show how uncomfortable it was on the slave ships.