The Eighteenth Week of School (Video)

Watch our 18th week of school in just over 4 minutes!


A little vacation

We decided to get away for a little vacation the week before Christmas (and before the government shutdown meaning we have no idea when Jamie’s going to get paid for the work he’s been doing as he’s essential). We took the little guys and headed to Corpus Christi. We had a fabulous time!

We went on a tour of a CBP location Jamie’s done work at in the past.

They boys requested a hotel with an indoor pool so they could do lots of swimming.

We went to the Texas State Aquarium.

We toured the USS Lexington.

We went to the beach at Port A. This man was there making some incredible sand sculptures.

Jamie and the boys went swimming in the Gulf (it was only in the 60s – they are crazy!).

I taught Fritz how to successfully get the basketball in the basket most of the times he tried.

On the way home, the boys were fascinated by the rest stop we stopped at. Adrian found a compass on the floor and just had to stand on it and point toward the north.

2018 Random Acts of Christmas Kindness/Light the World

Like we do every December, we counted down to Christmas doing random acts of kindness each day. Here’s a few of the things we did.

We volunteered handing out blessing (food) boxes and organizing donated clothes at a community center downtown.

We fed the birds.

We left little gifts at our neighbors’ doors.

We taped change to a vending machine.

We left happy notes in books at the library.

We made homeless packs to give out to people who need them.

We left microwave popcorn on Redbox machines.

We donated toys to be given to refugee children in our area.

We picked up trash along the road near our neighborhood.

We brought in our neighbors’ cans and left candy canes on them.

We candy cane bombed a parking lot.

We donated blood.

We cleaned our cars really well.

We paid for someone else’s meal.

We wrote our testimonies in copies of the Book of Mormon and gave them to the missionaries to give out.

Geography: Central Asia

Weeks 15 and 16 of school we learned about central Asia (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan) using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 10. We did both week’s worth of lesson in one week so we could have an extra week of Christmas vacation.

We found the three countries on the big map on the wall.

We made launch pads for a space shuttle.

We colored the Turkmenistan flag.

We tried a drink made of plain yogurt, water, salt, and mint extract. And by we, I mean Fritz, my mother, and me. The other two boys refused to even take a sip. It was gross.

We watched several YouTube videos about life in Uzbekistan.

We did mapwork.

We had Palov for dinner (it was really good!).