Usually we play the first day the local kids are back in school and then start school the next day. That day is today. I made our calendar based on the public schools’ draft calendar and never thought about checking it for updates when they released the official calendar. Some time between draft and final, they moved the start and end dates a week earlier. I discovered this on Friday.

So we’re sticking with our start date of the 27th and we’re still going to do (NOT) Back to School Day next Monday. This year we’ll get 6 days off between the other kids going back and us starting up and we’ll finish only one week before they do instead of two. Maybe next year we’ll not even start until after Labor Day.


Lesson Planning

I’ve been doing a lot of lesson planning and getting assignments entered into Homeschool Planet over the last few weeks. We’re pretty much ready for school to start at the end of the month. Adrian will be a 6th grader, Fritz an 8th grader, and Cameron a senior in high school.

History, geography, science, and the arts will be through Layers of Learning again this year. We’re on year 4, modern history. We’re going to learn a lot of great stuff.

Fritz and Adrian will be doing Analytical Grammar, Beyond the Book Report, and Wordly Wise. All three boys will be doing Writer’s Workshop (which is new – and looks seriously awesome – from the Layers of Learning people).

Fritz and Adrian will be doing Teaching Textbooks for math. I was rather surprised when Adrian easily tested into pre-algebra. I shouldn’t be surprised. He’s been doing Math Mammoth for a few years and it’s really prepared him well. Fritz tested into Algebra I, but that was not a surprise at all. Cameron will be doing Khan Academy for math.

The younger two boys will be doing some test prep. They both need to learn how to do the whole bubble in an answer thing. In addition to basic test prep, Fritz will be doing some simple studying for the ACT and PSAT. He’ll be taking the PSAT for practice near the beginning of his 9th grade year so I figured now is a good time to start getting ready for it.

Fritz will be doing Visual Latin for his foreign language. Adrian’s going to keep doing Spanish, but he’s not going to do DuoLingo anymore. Instead we’re going to have him watch cartoons in Spanish with English subtitles and see how that works for him. There’s a lot of Netflix originals that allow you to do that, including some he’s watched in English so he’s already aware of how the storyline goes.

Bullet Journal Update

I’m almost through the bullet journal I started in January. It’ll only last another month or two. I’m up to page 200 of 240. Anyway, it’s been a while since I posted pictures of my bullet journal so I took some pictures of August’s set up.

Each month I pick a theme that goes along with a holiday or whatever that happens some time during the month. Some months are easier than others. October is easy as is December. Some months aren’t obvious though like March or August. The theme always has an image or two I can draw and at least two colors. I ended going with a watermelon theme for this month using light pink, dark pink, light green, and black.

I’m still doing the menu calendar the same way. It has worked so well for meal planning and I can see at a glance what we haven’t eaten (the bubbles aren’t filled in) so I can rearrange or move to the next week easily.

The page after my menu calendar is the month at a glance calendar page. That page carries on the color theme and very quickly gets filled up when I transfer the month’s already scheduled activities from the future planning section to the monthly calendar page.

The next page is all my many to do’s. I’ve had so many people say they are overwhelmed just looking at that page, but it works for me and it really isn’t all that much stuff or time when you really break it down. I always have a bookmark in my bullet journal marking the monthly calendar and to do’s (they are facing pages).

The next page I added starting two or three months ago. It’s a tracker for exercise minutes and the number of steps I take each day (as reported by my Apple Watch). I don’t have any particular goal in mind each day and this is more for my own curiosity than anything else.

Facing the step page is a page to record the books I read that month and things I randomly think of during the month that I am grateful for. I number twelve spots for books because I usually finish 10-15 a month. I just add any past twelve in the space to the side. I continue my theme of the month in the gratitude section by making the places to write things down the image I came up with.

I no longer pre-make the daily pages before the month begins. I found that I was writing stuff until I ran out of space and then nothing else happened that day (even though other things did). So now I just start each day and write things down until the day ends and then start another day. Some days take up just a few lines while other take up half a page or more. I put some washi tape in between the days to divide them and add some stickers and my pages make me very happy.

I still love bullet journaling. It keeps me organized and lets me be creative, too. The little guys just started their own bullet journals, too, because they see how much I enjoy mine.

This is what happens when a convertible top leaks

After Ani’s car’s ball joint broke, they looked at the other ball joint and said it was about to break as well so we eventually made the decision to sell her car to a junkyard. Imagine my surprise when I went to empty out her car and discovered the place where the front passenger puts their feet was absolutely full of water!

Because the rest of the car was perfectly dry, after our initial confusion as to how this was possible, it dawned on us that the front right corner of her convertible top has always leaked just a tiny bit when it rains. Just a couple days before I found all that water, we had an incredible storm that dumped lots of rain on us over the course of several hours. Apparently the tiny leak became a very big leak during that storm.

So I spent some time bailing water while my best friend entertained me on the phone. It dried out after a few days and now the car has gone on to its final resting place where hopefully it will help someone get a little more life out of their own vehicle.


My brother’s family came to visit for a few days and while they were here we went to a San Antonio Missions minor league baseball game.

The Missions won something like 10-2. There were a couple really great plays and a whole lot of watching batters and pitchers set themselves up to bat and pitch.

Fritz and Adrian have decided they have now see more than enough baseball games to last them a lifetime. That would be one. They’ve only ever seen one baseball game.

Service Missionary Conference in Houston

A few weeks ago Jamie, Ani, and I went to the first gathering of service missionaries in Texas. Just a couple days before that, Ani had been set apart as a full time service missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

There are currently only a handful of service missionaries spread across Texas. Only something like 16 in the entire San Antonio Mission (which stretches to the border and includes Austin).

Going to this conference gave me the chance to see Houston for the first time. Now the only major city in Texas I have never been to is El Paso.