Cleaning Tile With Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The tile in my kitchen and breakfast nook are absolutely disgusting. I’ve tried so many things to clean them, but nothing has worked. Then my dad read somewhere that Magic Erasers will clean tile. I tried it out and the results were incredible so I went to Costco (because Mr. Clean Magic Erasers happened to be on sale there) and got a whole bunch.

I’m just amazed at how after just a few minutes of effort, the tiles look as good as they did when we bought the house.

They are not kidding when they call them magic!

Geography: Samoa & Tonga

Weeks 32 and 33 of school we learned about Samoa and Tonga using Layers of Learning, year 3 unit 19.

We found Samoa and Tonga on the big wall map.

We did mapwork.

We colored the flag of American Samoa.

We watched some YouTube videos.

We made Tapa out of paper bags.

We made FaiKaKai. It was… okay. Cameron spit out the first bite, I managed 2/3 of one, Adrian at a whole one, and Fritz ate two. The coconut milk/sugar glaze was really good, though.