Forays into Essential Oils

I have a friend who is really into essential oils. She sent me a few to try out. They did amazing things so I bought some for myself. So far I’m liking them.

1.) I got a virus that’s going around. Most people are down with it for several days (up to two weeks). I felt off for two days and then really sick the third. I decided to try the oils that third day. My ears and throat hurt so bad and I had a 102* fever. I mixed peppermint and Pan-Away (which is wintergreen and some other spicy oils) and rubbed them along the outside of my ears and throat where it hurt. By the time I woke up in the morning my fever had broken and I was so much better. By the next day I was perfectly fine.

2.) My skin is used to east coast humidity. My cheeks are super dry. The last few days I’ve put some lavender mixed with coconut oil on them. They are so incredibly much better. I am sure the coconut oil is part of the reason for that, but usually coconut oil alone makes my cheeks feel kind of sore (I have intensely sensitive skin on my face). With the lavender mixed in I don’t have that odd feeling.

3.) Adrian probably could be diagnosed with ADHD if I pushed it. A lot of school time was spent redirecting him and telling him to get off the table and stuff like that. I started putting peppermint oil on him a few minutes before time for school. That gives about an hour of excellent focus for him, plenty of time for a kindergartner to get his work done. His reading has improved greatly since I started with the peppermint oil on him. One day last week I forgot to put it on him and couldn’t figure out why he was being so crazy until Fritz told me I didn’t use the oil. Adrian insists it doesn’t work. He is wrong.

4.) A couple weeks after my surgery I still had some swelling internally where the surgeon sewed up my muscles (he said that was normal). After my first class back at taekwondo, even though I took it easy, the swelling increased as did the soreness. I rubbed some lavender on my belly where the swelling was. By the next morning the swelling was down and has not returned.

There have been a few other positive essential oil experiments as well. If it’s just the placebo effect, at least we are getting to smell some nice things. But based on our results (and the results of some of my friends), I’m going to keep this up because I do think it’s the oils helping us.