Summer Adderall

The last couple years we only gave Adrian Adderall during the summer on Sundays and days he went to taekwondo. This summer we’ve decided to give it to him most days and it’s making such a difference. It helps him control himself and so he feels better and it makes life just generally more pleasant for everyone. It’s really quite amazing what a difference Adderall makes for him.

This is what ADHD looks like

Last Friday, Adrian pretty much only had math to do in school so I decided to skip giving him his Adderall (he usually only takes it on school and church days). This was a mistake.


It took him an hour and a half to complete his math. Both sides looked like this. While he got almost all the answers correct, it was pretty miserable for him.

This is how all his worksheets ended up when he was in kindergarten. Adrian started taking medication for his ADHD when he was 7. Before he did, it took him 1-2 hours to complete his math and he could barely read a page in a book at a time and he’d have little clue what he read. On Adderall, he was suddenly able to complete a page of math in 10-15 minutes and could read a whole chapter and be able to answer questions about what he read.

Obviously, the Adderall is working very well for him. Even though math was miserable last week, sometimes it’s good to be reminded of that and to see just how hard it is for him to concentrate without medication.

Adderall is Amazing

If there is no school, taekwondo, or church, Adrian does not get his Adderall. So, during Christmas break, he rarely took it. Now that he’s back on it daily we’re reminded just what a difference it makes in the boy. He’s calm, he reads really well, he’s very cooperative, and so on. It’s amazing stuff for kids who really need it!