So much planning

I’ve been working like crazy on lesson plans for next school year. I’ve got almost everything printed. My parents brought an awesome GBC binder with them so the workbooks are nicely bound and waiting in the utility carts I got for the boys (red for Cameron, blue for Fritz, and sand for Adrian).

I’ve got ten of the twenty year three Layers of Learning units all planned and I’m working on the last book that I need to pre-read for unit 10. The printables for the first ten units all ready in the filing cabinet. I’ve got lists of supplies I need to get/assemble still.

I’m on a bit of a time crunch, though. In a month Jamie and I will arrive in Ireland to visit his mum. We’ll get back the weekend before school starts so I want to have everything for school as ready as possible before we leave.


The Arts: Renaissance Art II

Week 35 of school we learned about Renaissance art using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 20.

We watched a YouTube video about the doors that sparked the Renaissance and then drew our own doors.

We compared pre-Renaissance and Renaissance paintings of the Madonna.

We drew pictures with a vanishing point.

We examined a Brueghal painting and found some of the proverbs in it.

We drew round pictures.

We drew animals with texture.

We watched a Sister Wendy video.

Geography: Carribean Sea

Week 35 of school we learned about islands in the Caribbean Sea using Layers of Learning, year 2 unit 20.

We did mapwork.

We made postcards of scenes from the Carribean.

We picked countries in the Carribean and gave reports on them.

We colored the flag of the Bahamas and answered questions about it.

We compared and contrasted Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

We watched YouTube videos about the Crop Over Festival and the Cuban Missile Crisis.