Ireland, Part Two

We took a day trip to the Dingle area. It is so incredibly beautiful in Ireland.

We went to a bay both while the tide was out and then again while it was in. Pretty much the whole beach disappeared!

Jamie really, really wanted to go in the water. It was very cold, but he can always say he did it.

We went to a Celtic History Museum. They had some interesting pieces.

Like I said, Ireland is beautiful.

We went to see some very old beehive huts.

We went to a really amazing restaurant. Almost all of their food had gluten free options. I got fried chicken strips and chips and they were amazing. Also, we ate outside and the view was similarly amazing.

We ran across a mare and her foal. So cute!

We visited Castleisland.

They had a River Walk so we just had to go down it just because of the name.

It was a bit more rustic than the one we’re used to in San Antonio. It was quite a lovely walk.

So that was Sunday and Monday.

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