What We’ll Be Learning When

When we start back to school in just over a week, we’ll be using year 2 (with a few science topics switched for ones from year 1) of Layers of Learning for our all together work (history, geography, science, the arts).

Weeks 1-2 (August 29-September 8)
Byzantines, Turkey, Climate and Seasons, Byzantine Art

Weeks 3-4 (September 11-22)
Barbarians, Ireland, Forecasting, Illumination

Week 5 (September 25-29)
Islam, Arabian Peninsula, Clouds and Precipitation, Creative Kids

Weeks 6-7 (October 2-13)
Vikings, Norway, Special Effects, Viking Art

Week 8 (October 16-20)
Anglo Saxons, Britain, Wild Weather, King Arthur Tales

Weeks 9-10 (October 23-November 3)
Charlemagne, France, Planets, Carolingian Art

Weeks 11-12 (November 6-17)
Normans, Nigeria, Stars, Canterbury Tales

Weeks 13-14 (November 27-December 8)
Feudal System, Germany, Earth and Moon, Gothic Art

Weeks 15-16 (December 11-22)
Crusades, Balkans, Satellites, Religious Art

Weeks 17-18 (January 8-19)
Burgundy, Venice, and Spain, Switzerland, Humans in Space, Oil Paints

Week 19 (January 22-26)
Wars of the Roses, Russia, Health, Minstrels and Plays

Weeks 20-21 (January 29-February 9)
Eastern Europe, Hungary, Metals, Printmaking

Weeks 22-23 (February 12-23)
African Kingdoms, Mali, Carbon Chemistry, Textiles

Weeks 24-25 (February 26-March 9)
Asian Kingdoms, Southeast Asia, Non-Metals, Vivid Language

Weeks 26-27 (March 19-30)
Mongols, Caucasus, Salts, Fun With Poetry

Weeks 28-29 (April 2-13)
China and Japan, China, Electricity, Asian Arts

Week 30 (April 16-20)
Pacific Peoples, Micronesia, Circuits, Pacific Island Arts

Weeks 31-32 (April 23-May 4)
American Peoples, Canada, Technology, Indian Legends

Weeks 33-34 (May 7-18)
The Renaissance, Italy, Magnetism, Renaissance Art I

Week 35 (May 21-25)
Explorers, Caribbean Sea, Motors, Renaissance Art II

Multi-Generational Living… Again

My parents were supposed to move to Texas shortly after we did. We bought a 5 bedroom house with them in mind (no stairs to the front door, craft room, big master suite on the main floor, laundry right outside the master suite). And now we’ve lived here over 4 years and they are still in Maryland.

Life happened in the last 4 years. My uncle got very sick and my mother cared for him until he passed away. Then my dad got pancreatic cancer and had to go through major surgery and chemo. They tried to put their house up for sale last year, but the realtor just disappeared and never listed it. It was finally put up for sale (with a different realtor) this spring.

They knew their house needed a certain buyer, but they weren’t in a hurry and were willing to wait for the right person to come along. They live in a house built (by my grandparents) in 1945 on 8 1/2 acres with a couple large fields and lots of woods. It’s about an hour outside of DC in a relatively rural area.

The right person (well, couple) has come along. They are a young couple who grow organic fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Because of various reasons, they most likely will not actually close on the house until December (but possibly October). But the contract is signed. My parents have sold their house.

So, in a few months, we’ll be back to having three generations living all together. In the meantime, we need to finish the boys’ room, move the WiiU/TV to their room, finish cleaning out my parents’ room, clean the shelves in the craft room off (yet again), and who knows what else to prepare for their arrival and merging their stuff with ours. It’ll be a new adventure!