Art in May

Art in May
Off: The boys had to turn off a screen and then take a picture of it. Cameron picked the TV with a reflection of part of our living room. Fritz picked Adrian’s Fire with a reflection of a drawing he made. Adrian picked Cameron’s old phone with a reflection of part of my Harry Potter phone case.

Art in May
Proposals: The boys each had to respond to one of three proposals. Cameron assisted in discrediting Bishop Berkeley’s theory of the non-existance of matter. Fritz imagined his feet in a mountain stream. Adrian dressed like his father.

Art in May
The Art of Complaining: The boys had to think of something they wanted to complain about and represent that somehow. Cameron was sick that day so he chose to complain about being sick. Fritz really, really hates cliffhangers (at the end of a chapter) so that’s what he decided to complain about. Adrian couldn’t think of anything to complain about so his complaint was having nothing to complain about.

Art in May
Emotional Furniture: The boys had to arrange furniture to portray confidence, envy, and melancholy. Fritz chose confidence, Cameron did envy, and Adrian picked melancholy.


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