Thinking About Next Year

Late February/early March is the time of year when I decide what we’re going to use next year and do my lesson planning. It’s almost February so I’ve been thinking about how things might need to be changed up. Most things will stay the same, but a few things will need to change.

Obviously, the biggest thing is more books for Fritz. Eleven lasted him three months, so he may need as many as 25 next year. Crazy.

All three boys will do Fix-It Grammar together. I may have the little two diagram the sentences to keep their practice up. Because of that, I will probably no longer use Vocabulary From the Classical Roots and will probably adjust Writing With Ease for Adrian so he only does the narration days (since Fix-It includes daily copywork).

History will be separated instead of all three together (but science will almost definitely stay combined). Adrian will do Story of the World plus the activity book. Fritz will continue with Pandia Press level 2. I am pretty sure I’m going to have Cameron use the open source Crash Course World History.

I’ve decided I want to cut down on the paper and toner we use dramatically. I haven’t decided exactly how we’ll do that. Possibly through the use of tablets or computers. I also want to figure out a way to make their portfolios digital, but viewable in a fun way.

Mostly, the boys will just be moving on to the next level of the same things they are using now (and Ani will have graduated from high school) so that makes most planning easy. It’s just solidifying these changes that takes a while.


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