The School Year is Halfway Done

Today we finished the first semester of the 2016-17 school year!

In Science we learned about plants and have learned about most of the organ systems of the human body. In History we learned about ancient China, the Hebrews, the Phoenicians, and the Americas. We completed quite a few creative art projects from The Art Assignment. Cameron and Adrian have stopped doing Latin now, but Fritz is continuing it on his own. We are continuing learning how to play the piano. We’re all still doing taekwondo for PE. Cameron will be testing for his second degree in June and Cameron earned his first degree in December (Adrian will be testing for his first degree in approximately 6 years at the rate he is going).

Cameron has completed 14 lessons of Math-U-See Geometry. He’s written several research essays, finding more and more reference material on his own. He read the Epic of Gilgamesh, Iliad, Odyssey, Oedipus the King, and Medea. He has switched to Fix-It! Grammar for grammar and vocabulary. That seems to be going very well.

Fritz has completed through lesson 27 of Math-U-See Epsilon (he will move on to Zeta in early February). He finished Outcast and read The Eagle, The Silver Branch, and The Lantern Bearers. During reading time he is currently working his way through the Harry Potter series (he finished Order of the Phoenix today). He has learned to write through the letter s in cursive. His cursive handwriting is surprisingly neat compared to his printing.

Adrian has completed through the middle of lesson 25 of Math-U-See Gamma (he will move on to Delta in late March). He’s in book 6 of Explode the Code. He can identify and mark vowel chunks, consonant chunks, endings, bossy r’s, and more in spelling passages. He finished a children’s retelling of The Odyssey and read Black Ships Before Troy, The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus, and Atalanta’s Race. He is reading very well, but still doesn’t like to do it for fun.

English: B
History: A
Geometry: B
Biology: A
Latin: A
Art/PE/Music: Pass

English: A
History: A
Math: A
Biology: A
Art/PE/Music/Latin: Pass

English: A
History: A
Math: A
Biology: A
Art/PE/Music/Latin: Pass


One thought on “The School Year is Halfway Done

  1. It’s actually good to read about someone using both Math U See and Explode the Code. I’m going to be starting both with my kids soon as well. I’m really looking forward to it, actually.

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