Teach Your Child Piano Review

At the beginning of the summer, Fritz and I got to beta test Teach Your Child Piano. I can read the treble clef, but have never taken a single piano lesson. When we started Fritz could not read music and didn’t know which key where what notes on the piano. Pretty much, he just knew that the musical alphabet only contains the letters A through G.

During the 6 week beta, Fritz learned to read music, about time signatures, which fingers to use on what keys, quarter, half, and whole notes, and more. He is quite proud to be able to play songs on our piano now.

Each week included games, worksheets, a video for me to watch, a song to play, and plenty of instructional support that even though I don’t really know how to play piano, I was able to teach Fritz the concepts of the week. The games went pretty quick for Fritz. He was on the older end of the kids doing the beta test so he caught on easily. The worksheets were very simple for him, but were excellent for reinforcing the concepts.

While the idea was to spend some time every day working through the material, I found that, probably because of his age (he was almost 10 when we did it), it worked better to do all the teaching, worksheets, and games one day and have him practice the concepts and songs all the other days of the week. The first couple or three weeks really could’ve been combined into one for him. I believe the full version will allow for acceleration for kids who are older or already have had some music training to take care of that issue.

The most amazing thing, though, is Fritz can play the piano! In only 6 weeks he had a repertoire of more than a half dozen songs and the ability to play more since he knows which fingers go where and how to read music. He has continued practicing every day. Now only Happy Birthday gives him any trouble at all. I videoed him playing Hot Cross Buns as soon as we finished the beta test. Now he can play it easily with no hesitation. The progress he has made is really quite an accomplishment and it wouldn’t have happened without Teach Your Child Piano.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars for a kid Fritz’s age; 5 out of 5 Stars for a kid up to about age 8. We liked it enough that I enrolled Fritz in the full level course so he can continue learning the play the piano using the methods in Teach Your Child Piano.

So that’s my opinion of Teach Your Child Piano. I asked Fritz what he thought and here is what he had to say.

So check out Teach Your Child Piano and poke around a bit. There’s some really cool stuff on there and in just a few weeks, your child (or you) could be playing songs on the piano.

(Note: I was provided the beta test of Teach Your Child Piano for free in exchange for filling out weekly surveys to help make the curriculum as good as possible for the most people. I was not required to review it on my blog and I got no additional compensation for reviewing it.)

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