Adrian Makes Me Laugh

I’m pretty sure Adrian was put on this earth to keep me laughing. Here’s just a few Adrianisms from the last few weeks.

(I was awakened at 12:30 one morning with a little face inches from mine.) There’s a reason I am in your bed and that reason is I threw up.

Me: Time to start school.
Adrian: Can I have a break first?

(Adrian hurt his ankle so we put ice on it.) Can’t the ice pack be warmer?

He was unable to fill in the blank in Explode the Code with the following sentence: When it sleets and snows it is ____. (winter) I had to explain sleet to him. Apparently we’ve lived in Texas long enough (since he was almost 5) that he has no memory of sleet.

I was drawing a dog, but it looks more like a genetically modified squirrel.

Adrian: Don’t you ever want to eat raw beef?
Me: Are you a werewolf?


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