I love this time of the school year…

With just one more week – just 5 more days – left in the school year, we are slowly finishing things up. Fritz finished his vocabulary weeks ago and Fritz and Adrian finished Math-U-See Delta and Beta around the same time (though they are continuing with Epsilon and Gamma, getting a head start on next year). Last week Cameron finished logic and this week he finished vocabulary, grammar, and math. We just have one more page of religion, two short books to read for history, a science experiment, and a picture to paint next week. This week we finished music and stopped Latin for the year (since we had finished a chapter and don’t have enough time left to complete another). It’s always fun to get things done and move things to the to-be-made-into-portfolios pile. Soon I’ll be putting next year’s stuff in the binders and bins and putting them on the shelves to await the end of August giving us three lovely months of vacation.


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