Back to School with a Tweak

We went back to school today after two weeks off for Christmas. Really, school hasn’t been totally normal since I got sick just a few weeks into the school year. I’m 6 weeks post-op today and we were finally able to once again do school at the table. It went very well.

We did make a little tweak. I decided to change how things are scheduled. All together, we’re doing a sort of block scheduling. We’re doing Latin daily, but all the other subjects will now be done just once a week, but for 1-3 hours. On 5 day weeks we’ll do history on Mondays, art on Tuesdays, religion on Wednesdays, music on Thursdays, and science on Fridays. On 4 day weeks, history will be on Tuesdays and art will be along with music on Thursdays.

I set it up that way because history and science take the longest and Mondays and Fridays we don’t have to go anywhere in the morning. Religion takes the shortest time of all the subjects and most Wednesdays Ani and Cameron go to instructor training in the morning and we don’t have much time to do school beforehand. Tuesdays and Thursdays we have taekwondo late morning so we have a bit of time for school, but not as much as on Mondays and Fridays.

Since Adrian needs me for everything he does (with the exception of math and Explode the Code if he’s in the mood to do it on his own), his on his own work is still scheduled the same with everything done every day. I changed the way the older two boys do their on their own work, however. I divided what they do into things they need to do daily/on a specific day and things that just need to get done (divided by weeks). I made assignment pages with things that just need to get done on one side and things that need to be done daily/on specific days on the other side, divided by due date. I told the boys they need to complete the dated ones on the assigned date, but the other column can be done any day of the week as long as everything is completed by Friday.

Fritz was especially excited by being able to do his work this. They both completed today’s work plus some of the do any day work today so so far so good. I figure this will be useful if they get in a groove with a certain subject and want to keep going or if we have an extra busy day for some reason and can only get to the minimum required for that day.


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