Happy Best New Year!

I blew Adrian’s mind this morning when I told him it was still New Year’s Day. Though it took a lot of effort to keep him awake the last 15 minutes of 2015, Adrian is so happy he stayed up and got to see all the fireworks being set off around the city that we could see from our deck. He kept squealing “Happy new year! This is the best 2016 ever!” Now he is just so shocked that it is still the same day as it was when he went to sleep last night.

2016 is promising to be another exciting year (and we’re hoping a bit healthier, too).

On the exact middle day of February, Ani will turn 16. In April, I’ll turn 38. In June, Fritz will test for his first degree black belt. Also in June, on Father’s Day, Adrian will turn 8. In July, Fritz will turn 10. Two whole hands. A few days after that, Adrian will be baptized (he misses the June stake baptism day by just one day). In August, Ani will start 12th grade, Cameron will start 9th grade, Fritz will start 5th grade, and Adrian will start 3rd. In October, Cameron will turn 15. In November, Jamie will turn 41. In December, Jamie and I will test for our first degree black belts. Hopefully sometime in there my parents will make the move from Maryland to Texas.

In the words of Adrian, “Happy best new year!”


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