Homeschooling has Benefits

The other day Cameron told me he has come up with a nicely rehearsed answer to the question he is getting more and more often: Why do you like being homeschooled? There are three or four quick things on his list like he gets to work at his own pace and if he finishes early he gets to do whatever he wants for the rest of the day. Kids who are in public school, especially, are usually a bit jealous when they hear that.

Because of homeschooling, Ani and Cameron get to attend instructor training each week, training with several high-degree black belts. Because of homeschooling, Ani gets to start working with her beloved little Tigers about 45 minutes before the local public high schools let out for the day. Because of homeschooling, Cameron gets to earn a few extra dollars each week doing a regular dog-sitting job. Because of homeschooling, Ani and Cameron get to spend next week in Florida at ATA Fall Nationals competing, testing, and training. Because of homeschooling, we get time to spend together as a family in spite of our crazy taekwondo schedule.

Yes, homeschooling has so many benefits. I don’t blame the kids who feel a little jealous when they hear Cameron’s answer.


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