So Proud of This Boy!

Adrian has been completely off gluten for a few weeks now and he’s feeling so much better. Last night we had a carnival at church for the younger kids put on by the older kids. After the children went around to 10 different carnival games, they got to get a decorated cookie.

Adrian went to the cookie table and then came over to me and asked which cookie was gluten free. I had totally forgotten he couldn’t have a regular cookie anymore! I quickly rounded up some gluten free candies and put them on a plate for him and he was perfectly satisfied.

He didn’t get upset about not being able to have a cookie. In fact, he said he didn’t want one if it had gluten because he didn’t want his tummy to hurt again. I am so proud of him for remembering what he can’t eat and being so responsible at only 7 years old to turn down something he knows is yummy and that all the other kids are eating in front of him.


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