pH pHun

On Friday we tested the pH of various liquids.

pH pHun
Cameron mixed citric acid with water. The litmus paper was brighter red than the 1 on the scale.

pH pHun
Then he took a swig of the citric acid water. It was super sour.

pH pHun
He tested his saliva before drinking the citric acid water (bottom) immediately after drinking it (middle) and then 2 minutes later (top). It’s really cool how the human body returns things to normal as quickly as possible.

pH pHun
Fritz tested milk. The pH was close to neutral. He also tested rainwater since it happened to be pouring rain that morning (I didn’t get a picture of that test strip). The pH was around 6.

pH pHun
Cameron tested pee (yes, I totally have boys). It happened that Adrian had used the bathroom a few minutes before and hadn’t flushed so Cameron took the opportunity to dip the litmus paper in the toilet. It was just a little on the acid side of neutral.

pH pHun
Adrian tested lemon juice. It was right around 2.

pH pHun
Adrian also tested water from our reverse osmosis filter (we have super hard water here so it gets softened and then run through the RO). It was a perfectly neutral 7.

pH pHun
Cameron mixed a crushed up Tums with water. It didn’t dissolve very well. Mostly the test strip came out neutral because of the water, but as it sat the areas on the litmus paper where there were bits of Tums turned darker showing it was slightly basic.


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