FAILURES This School Year

On Tuesday I listed the big wins from this school year. Now for the failures.

Beast Academy and Art of Problem Solving – No matter how popular they are, they just didn’t work for us. Frustrating for parents and students alike.
Math Mammoth – Another wildly popular math curriculum. A definite “not a match” for us.
While it wasn’t a complete failure, I picked way too many vocabulary words for Fritz when he read some chapters (particularly in Five Children and It). Looking up words in his personal dictionary was great. Having more than 6 or 8 at a time was too much for him.

Honorable (Dishonorable?) Mention goes to Discover the Latter-day Prophets mainly because of misspellings (Woodruf instead of Woodruff, for example) and Hands-on Church History because their website still says volume 2 is expected late 2014 but still isn’t out. I even e-mailed at the beginning of the year to be sure the remaining two volumes would come out and be usable during the school year. I was assured that would be the case. Here we are 6 weeks from the end of the school year and still only volume 1 is available. I had to change my plans for religion partway into the school year because of that.


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