Writing With Skill

The single best curriculum choice for this school year is definitely Writing With Skill. Cameron is doing level 1 this year. It is amazing.

For most of the year so far, Cameron’s been narrating or outlining one day, writing one day, learning writing skills one day, and putting writing topics into practice one day. This week he started literary analysis/criticism, which he will continue through most of the rest of the school year (the last few weeks will focus on research and research reports). For that, he reads on day one, we discussed using literary terms day two, he wrote an essay answering specific questions day three, and day four is focused on literary language.

I really wavered on whether to get Writing With Skill for Cameron given his writing issues. Boy am I glad I did! It is hard. He has to really work. But what he is producing is utterly amazing. His writing skills have improved dramatically over the course of this year. Writing With Skill is truly the best middle grade writing program I have found (I like IEW, too, but, as the teacher, find WWS to be much easier to use and the quality of writing produced by most kids using WWS to be better).


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