Cheating on My Books

Usually I have three or four books in my “reading now” folder on my Kindle. A book I’m reading at night to the little guys, a book I am reading to myself for fun, my scripture study book, and maybe a book I’m reading with one of the big kids for school. Lately, though, I’ve had those plus three or four extra reading to myself for fun books.

It is kind of odd and I haven’t decided if I like reading that many books at once or not. It’s nice to be able to switch to a different book if I get bored, but at the same time, I feel a little bit scattered. I also kind of feel like I am cheating on my books with other books. I mean, with as much as I read, it’s obvious I really get around in the literary world, but it’s just a little different when it’s with multiple books at once!


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