I have problem

I have a problem. I absolutely cannot not finish a book. Even if the book is terrible, I still feel compelled to finish it. Recently I read Tedd and Todd’s Secret by Fernando Trujillo Sanz. It was pretty bad. The grammar was horrible. But I couldn’t stop reading. I had to finish it. Last year I read Canadian Meds by John Moynihan. Same thing. Terrible book. Had to finish it.

I don’t know if it’s because I think it’s got to get better or if I just can’t bear the thought of never finding out what happens to characters I don’t actually care about or what. I once read something by a librarian that said there are so many books out there that we should give a book 50 pages and if it’s bad or we just aren’t enjoying it, stop reading and move on to a better book. It’s sound advice. But it’s advice I just can’t seem to follow for some reason.


One thought on “I have problem

  1. Problem understand. It’s in the blood, you know (me being your mother!) BUT. Over the past year I’ve started being tougher on useless books. Why waste my time? In fact, there have been a couple very satisfying experiences in which I’ve actually tossed the offending unfinished book in the trash. Ah, sweet satisfaction! As George Burns once said as he came closer to a hundred, he didn’t buy green bananas anymore, because it took too long for them to ripen!

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