School Schedule

We had a nice routine down for school before Christmas break and we went right back into it on Monday with no problems.

On Mondays we do Music and Critical Thinking with Ani and Cameron (that just once a month). On Tuesdays we do History and PE (taekwondo). Wednesdays we do Science and Art. On Thursdays we do History and PE again. On Fridays we do Science and Cameron does outlining in History. Every day we do Religion together and English and Math.

We get started about 9ish every day. Tuesdays and Thursdays we often start a little earlier so that we can be done or almost done by the time we have to get ready for taekwondo. We start with the stuff all together and then the older two boys can pick if they want to do math or English first. Cameron almost always picks math. Fritz it’s 50/50 which he’ll want to do first. I do English and math with Adrian whenever the other two boys are busy completing assignments. We are usually done with school by noon or just after.


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