Germs, Get Off!

About a year and a half ago Adrian dropped whatever he was eating on the (recently cleaned) floor and refused to eat it because it had germs on it. Not knowing what else to do to convince him to eat it anyway, I picked it up, held it up to my mouth, and yelled, “Germs, get off!”

Adrian was fascinated. He asked it the germs really listened to me (of course). And then he happily ate the food. A few days later, he dropped something else and asked if he yelled at the germs if they’d listen to him, too (sure, why not).

Ever since, whenever he drops food on the floor, he immediately picks it up, yells, “Germs, get off!”, and eats whatever it is. It’s just a little twist on the “5-second rule” I suppose.

It did cause confusion and then amusement once while he was still in school, though. He was taking a while to get to the door to be picked up after school on day and his teacher said he had spilled what was left of his snack on the way out of the classroom and was cleaning it up. And then she added in a confused and slightly worried tone, “He seems to be yelling at the Cheerios.”


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