Last night I went to bed at 10:30. I figured the new year would arrive whether I was awake to see the clock flip (or the ball drop) or not. Of course then people in the neighborhoods all around us started the annual shooting off of fireworks. Really, they started here and there about 9. At midnight they were insane. Jamie says he heard the last of the fireworks at 12:45. I remember the fireworks and was in a sort of in between awake and asleep state through all the booms and bangs.

This year we are hopeful we’ll finally figure out for sure what Ani’s health problems are (hopefully sooner than later since she sees the rheumatologist in a couple weeks. Cameron, and possibly Ani, will likely get his first degree black belt. This time next year I should be a red belt which is right before black. That’s pretty crazy to think about.

In February Ani and I will probably be going to Utah for a long weekend. I get to see my best friend! We’re going to have a big, nerdy party in March to celebrate Ultimate Pi Day. In April, my mom and I are going to Time Out for Women and Ani is going to Time Out for Girls. My parents will hopefully be moving in before the end of the year.

Ani will turn 15 in February and will start her junior year of high school in August. Cameron will turn 14 in October and be ordained to the office of Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood. He’ll start 8th grade in August. Fritz will turn 9 in July and start 4th grade in August. On Sunday he’ll move up to the scriptures series of classes in primary (New Testament this year). Adrian will turn 7 in June and start 2nd grade in August. I’ll have my birthday on Easter for the first time ever, turning 37 that day. Jamie will turn 40 in November.

Yes, it should be a very good year!


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