Black Friday and Cyber Monday Homeschool Style

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales I got excited over this year were homeschool related. We still got a few “regular” deals. Like we needed a Christmas tree (half price at Hobby Lobby – and I actually found one I liked a lot that didn’t come with lights already on it!) and Jamie needed a new suit (incredible deal on that at Kohl’s, plus Kohl’s cash to spend this week) and we got Disney Infinity 2.0 and some characters for a great price, too.

But the majority of my shopping was for our next school year. And all digital because that’s how I like my curriculum purchases.

On Black Friday, I got Alpha Omega LifePACs for Ani. She’s really struggling with geometry. She went through grades 7, 8, and 9 and picked 4 individual LifePACs each from 7th and 9th and two from 8th that she feels she needs help on the concepts. I got those and the complete geometry set for 20% off. I also got History Odyssey Modern Times 1 from Pandia Press for, I think, 30% off.

On Cyber Monday, I got Elemental Science Physics for the Grammar Stage for 20% off. I’m not totally sold on that one, but it was cheap, and made cheaper with the sale, so I went ahead and got it. The biggie for me came from Peace Hill Press. 30% off all our language arts for next year. I got First Language Lessons 2 and 4, Writing With Ease 1 and 3, and Writing With Skill 2. I realized that the following year (when Adrian is a 3rd grade) I’ll no longer have to buy grammar or writing for Adrian since he’ll use what Fritz has already used.

I’m almost done pre-reading the last book Cameron will be reading this year (finished Fritz’s over the summer and I read Ani’s as she does). Is it sad that I’m already excited about getting started pre-reading their books for next year?


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