First Stories

Last night Fritz couldn’t sleep so he asked if it would be okay if he wrote some stories. He even illustrated his stories. Here’s what he came up with (spellings and capitalizations are his):

The bear and ghoust
One day a frendly bear came. It met a ghost. It said im hungrey. The bear kicked the ghost over and over untell the bear lost its snack and the goust ate it.

[Note: He said he wrote “over and over” because he didn’t know how to spell “repeatedly.”]

The hungrey hippo
A hungrey hippo said im hungrey, feed me. He ate five houses and he was still hungrey. he ate the world and said im full.

[Note: This was inspired by Shel Siverstein’s Hungry Mungry.]

The lost werewolf
A werewolf lost its pack and then day came and became human. After day the werewolf found its pack.

A werewolf in love
A werewolf loved a perosan named Stiles. He loved the werewolf. They made a poster of each other. Siles wished to be together. Then a twister came. And then the werewolf went to Stiles and the werewolf bit Stiles. They were both werewolfs.

[Note: Ani gave Fritz the prompt for this one (write a story about a werewolf who is in love with a human named Stiles). It is apparently a fanfic of Teen Wolf – which Fritz has never seen. He wrote “twister” because he did not know how to spell “tornado.” He’s pretty good with substituting words or phrases when he doesn’t know how to spell what he originally wanted to use.]


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