Only homeschool moms get it

Back in January we made the decision to pull the little guys out of school very quickly. We were so busy with school and taekwondo four days a a week for various combinations of people. Something had to give. We decided that something would be public school.

Seriously, homeschooling is so much less stressful and easier than public school. Every current or former homeschool mom I’ve told this to who has or had kids in public school totally get it.

For a while we only did taekwondo twice a week. We’re back to 4 days a week (two of those twice a day) and may have some combination of people doing up to 6 days a week soon, but it’s not stressful at all. Homeschooling makes life so flexible. It’s a wonderful thing.


One thought on “Only homeschool moms get it

  1. I enjoy being with my kids again. No one is rushing to get to school or overwhelmed with homework. And I’m not stressed out trying to devote energy to two separate classes, fundraising, etc. Life is good!

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