So it turns out I am extremely competitive

This summer our ward did an indexing challenge, youth vs. adults to see which group could get more points. In July I reported my points for the first time and had 11,000. The challenge ended yesterday. My final number? 100,160. Yeah. I’m insane.

In my defense, I am really, really fast at it (data entry and scanning for pertinent information are easy for me) so it really didn’t take as much time as you might think. I put indexing on my to do list and did 30-60 minutes every day.

That is until I got called to be the Beehive Adviser two weeks ago.

See, adult youth leaders’ points get counted with the youth’s points. I had gotten to the point where I was saying that my numbers just shouldn’t count because I had way more than anyone else in the ward. The day I was called into Young Women, I had 42,463 points. I decided it would be fair to leave those points with the adults and anything I got after that would apply to the youth totals.

Suddenly my older two, who had been telling me to stop indexing, were telling me to index as much as I possibly could. They even volunteered to do things around the house to give me more time to index. I said I’d try to beat myself.

And beat myself I did. And then some. It became a game, a competition with myself, for me. How long until I doubled my points after being called? How many more could I get? How many could I get in one day? Yesterday I was up to just under 95,000 points before church. I talked to the bishop and said I thought I could get to 100,000 if I didn’t have to report my final numbers until the end of the day. I like round numbers and 100,000 is such a nice one. He thought that sounded like a great idea.

About 9pm last night it happened. I finished a batch and the number of points was over that 100,000 mark. I jumped up and did a little happy dance. Everyone knew exactly why and celebrated with me. The youth get to claim 57,697 of my points, about 15,000 more than the adults get. I think this is quite fair since there are way more adults in the ward than there are youth. Never let it be said that I don’t love the youth of our ward!

Indexing is really fun, but I think I’ve earned a break for a bit. I figure a batch or two a day would be great. For now, it’s time to catch back up on laundry!


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