2 1/2 Weeks to Go

All week I’ve been thinking that we only have one more full week before school starts. Imagine my excitement when I realized this morning that we actually have two full weeks left of summer.

I’ve been printing (and printing and printing) this week. That’s on hold for now until Amazon delivers my new toner cartridge tomorrow. I do have some color stuff I can print in the meantime using the other printer.

I gave Cameron the placement test for Spelling Power today. No surprises. I expected he would test into Level C. He tested into Level C. He’s at the upper end, though, so the first few weeks shouldn’t be too difficult for him. Fritz is also in Level C. Halfway through since that’s where he started back in January. Cameron is awesome, though, and isn’t the least bit upset to be starting spelling behind his much younger brother. He said he knows why so it’s no big deal.

I made a dictionary (on lulu.com) for Fritz using just the vocabulary words I pulled out of his seven reading books. It arrived today. I love it! I also made a book for Cameron with the 25 author bios I wrote and then some of the poems and fairy tales he’ll be reading this year all printed in the free dyslexic font I found (that one hasn’t arrived yet). I don’t know if the font will help him in his reading, but it’s worth a try.

Fritz finished the Life of Fred Language Arts series this summer and he’s been learning to write in cursive. He’s learning the capital letters now. He’s my first kid to really take to writing in cursive.

Last week I sent in the letters to withdraw the older two from school. We got the certified mail return receipt from the high school. The one from the middle school hasn’t arrived yet.

So I’m down to 2 1/2 more weeks (but that’s better than 1 1/2!) to finish getting ready for the school year. I need to print more, do some laminating, put together notebooks, move a bookcase downstairs… Start date: August 26th.


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