Planning Next Year

This school year is coming to an end. 5 more days of seminary. 9 more days of school for the big kids. 8 more days for the little guys. With the end of one year comes deciding on what to use next year.

Ani’s the easy one. She’s staying in public school. She’ll be in 10th grade. Let’s pause a moment to let that sink in. TENTH GRADE.

Cameron will be coming back home to do Texas Virtual Academy. He’s the only one of the four that will end up doing that which was the whole reason we originally put the kids in school. Technically, even though he didn’t finish the school year in public school, we could enroll Fritz, but we’re not going to (at this point it wouldn’t be a good fit for him). Jamie thinks we’ll only make it half the year with Cameron before going back to traditional homeschooling. We’ll see.

The little guys are the fun ones for me since I get to pick whatever I want for them. When I pulled them out in January, I just went with stuff we’d used in the past. We’re sticking with some things we’ve used before, but not everything. Some of this stuff I wish had been around when Ani was little. It would’ve been perfect for her!

Both Boys Together
Religion: Discover the Scriptures Hands-On Church History, Discover the Latter-Day Prophets, Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Stories (Ani will be doing D&C in seminary next year so I’m going to try to keep the boys learning about the same things Ani is as much as possible)
Social Studies: Texas History (Cameron will be studying TX History next year since he’ll be a 7th grader so, because I could find nothing pre-made that I liked, I’ll be making the boys’ TX History up as we go along based on what Cameron’s learning)
Science: REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry (Ani will be doing Chemistry in school)
Art: Discovering Great Artists
Music: World’s Greatest Composers from Confessions of a Homeschooler
PE: Taekwondo twice a week (well, Adrian is currently refusing to participate) plus PE class along with Cameron (he’ll be required to do specific PE things daily)

Math: Beast Academy 3, Life of Fred (he’ll be finished through Honey by the end of this school year)
ELA: First Language Lessons Level 3, Writing With Ease Level 2, Spelling Power (he’ll finish through the first half of level C tomorrow and then we’ll stop until next school year), D’Nealian Handwriting (he’s been learning cursive for a month or so now and will continue with that), Reading Eggspress, Life of Fred (he’ll have finished the first two of the four language arts books by the end of this school year)

Math: MathSeeds
ELA: First Language Lessons Level 1, Primary Arts of Language Reading (this may actually get finished over the summer) and Writing, All About Spelling (we’ll just pick up where we finish at the end of this school year for all three of those), Reading Eggs


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