Amazing how things change

When I was homeschooled, the options were basically Alpha Omega and A Beka. I know there were others out there (ACE, Calvert, BJU, etc.), but those are the two that my parents could find. The internet didn’t exist like it does now. Homeschooling was a lot harder then.

When I started homeschooling Ani and Cameron, there were a whole lot more options. Choosing what to use got both easier (to find what was out there) and harder (more to choose from). On-line support groups popped up. The choices increased even more over the few years between then and Fritz starting to be homeschooled.

Now, it is incredible how many options for curricula there are. Parents have shared ideas, provided free resources and links, and even entire, free options like Easy Peasy have come along. Homeschooling today is easier than it’s ever been. It is truly amazing how much can change in just a couple decades!

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