Getting Back in the Groove

For a couple weeks now we have done a full school schedule. Some days are taking a little longer than they should, but we’re finding our homeschooling groove again.

We start out our day with Circle Time. Then we do a day of a Download N Go unit study. Then we practice our current skills for taekwondo. And then we do Song School Latin. All of those things are done all together.

Adrian then does Book of Mormon scripture stories scripture notebooking. He watched the videos on the Mormon Channel on the Roku three to six times each before narrating what it was about to me (he wants to watch them multiple times). Then he reads in a McGuffey Reader and does Easy Peasy assignments. Then he and I do a PAL: Reading lesson. And then he plays on Reading Eggs and MathSeeds for about an hour or so (combined).

Fritz does Discover the Scriptures Book of Mormon and scripture stories scripture notebooking. Because he does Discover the Scriptures as well, he is far behind Adrian for the notebooking part. Then he does his Easy Peasy assignments. Then he plays on Reading Eggspress for 20-30 minutes. That gives me a chance to finish up with Adrian. Then Fritz does math (Singapore), Shurley English, and Spelling Power. He does a page in his D’Nealian Handwriting workbook and takes a timed math drill. I read a chapter in Life of Fred math and Life of Fred language arts to him. He reads a chapter of a Magic Tree House book out loud to me. He chooses a file folder game and plays it. We watch a Crash Course video together (currently biology). On Fridays, we skip Latin and everything after Spelling Power.

So far we’re loving homeschooling again! It’s nice to be getting back in the groove.

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