Homeschooling Again

Yesterday we pulled the little guys out of the elementary school. That was hard. We love that school. The people are fabulous. But in the end we had to decide what would work best for the kids. The withdrawal process was super easy and everyone was totally supportive. I think I’m most sad about not being able to volunteer anymore.

Since it’s getting closer to when we would work on enrolling the kids in the virtual school (Fritz was 100% set on coming home – he’s been asking to be homeschooled again since November), I looked at some sample lessons and thought about it and decided I really didn’t want to go with that after all. Free plus all planned out is nice, but I’m not sure it would have been that great for him. And of course if we weren’t going to do the virtual school, but were going to pull him out, why wait.

We gave Adrian the choice to stay in kindergarten or come home. He thought about it and ended up deciding to come home. School has become all about his behavior. He hasn’t learned to read like he wanted (though in the last couple weeks me working with him after school has helped him along nicely). He kept saying he was a bad boy and the other kids told him he’d never be anything but a bad boy. He already has one in school suspension on his record (he bit a kid – not unprovoked, but he could have totally handled it way better and done a million other things instead of biting her). When he said good-bye to his teacher he told her he can do school in a shorter time at home and she said that is exactly what he needs.

We realized Fritz had actually lost skills since starting school. His teacher was doing her best to challenge him but it wasn’t enough. I hate the idea of afterschooling because I feel like once they’ve been in school 7 hours, plus done their homework, they shouldn’t have to do more school work. And yet I was doing a few things with him after school. More troubling is Fritz was starting to talk less and less. He would “talk in his head” most of the time at school. He started doing that to make sure he didn’t go down on the behavior chart (the entire year he always ended the day at or above the middle mark where they all start), but it was becoming a bit of a habit for him all the time.

It was fun having all the kids in school for a few months. It’s been even more fun having the little guys home again. Ani will almost definitely graduate from public school. She loves school and is doing great. Cameron will probably stay in school, but it will always be up to him each year what he does (as it will always be up to Ani, too). For him, the virtual school would be perfect. He is doing incredibly well and thriving in middle school, though, so I am pretty sure he’ll stay in for at least the next couple years.


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