We homeschooled in Maryland because we could give the kids a better education than they could get in the public schools. The district where we live now is one of the best and the schools our kids are zoned for are some of the best in the district. I am continually amazed and delighted (like, for example, Ani’s geography teacher was “supposed to” teach something on cartography according to the curriculum outline for the district, but she thought studying genocide would be more important and meaningful to the kids so she asked for, and got, permission to change the plans for her classes).

When we put the kids in school, we told them they could decide at the end of the year if they want to stay in school or come home and do a virtual school. The virtual school, academically, would be equal to what they do in school. But there are non-academic things that make these schools amazing, too.

As it stands now Ani wants to stay in school, Cameron probably does, and Fritz is set on coming home. Adrian isn’t old enough. He needs to do two more years in school before he can decide (if he could choose now he’d definitely stay in).

Some of the things that I can’t do at home include the pow-wow the kindergarteners did in November and the play the second graders will do in March, the author (Aaron Reynolds) visit the boys’ school just had, and the drama club the middle school has that Cameron just started participating in. It really would be a lot easier to make a final decision to pull the kids who want to come home out if these schools weren’t so darn awesome (we haven’t even had an issues socially with any of them)!


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