I read a lot

A friend of mine posted on Facebook about how few people read books after they complete their formal education. That just boggles my mind because of the number of books I go through and how much I enjoy reading. Last year I read 88 books. That was actually a low year. Most of the last few years I’ve read more than two books a week. So far this year I’ve read three books. And I’ve started Mama Reader, a blog just for reviews of the books I read.

But I’ve also got a ridiculous book addiction. I realized the other day that if I read 100 books a year and buy no more books, I have enough unread books on my Kindle to last me three years. Yes, I have a three year supply of books. Most of them I’ve gotten free or for $2 or less. Really, the books I pay more than that for are usually books I want to read right away. So my three year supply hasn’t cost very much, but that’s a crazy number of books. And I keep getting more (granted, I’ve pretty much limited myself to free books now unless it’s something I’ve been waiting to go on sale). I think I have a book problem (thank goodness Kindle books don’t take up space, right?).


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