Through the Doggie Door

A couple weeks ago we decided it was time to train Lola to go in and out through the doggie door. No more taking her outside every time she needs to go potty or run around (never mind this morning she went out the doggie door and just stood there waiting for me to go outside before going down to the grass and as soon as I went back into the house she came running back up to come back in).

It did not go well. This morning was typical for her. She acts like a rottweiler with all her barking and growling at cats, people, and leaves, but she is mostly a teeny tiny chihuahua inside and is afraid of most things (including her cupcake toy because it, you know, squeaks) and really hates rain and cold. Eventually with bits of Pup-Peroni she got it figured out and was willing – barely – to use that door (and, really, sometimes we can barely get her to come back in now because there might be something to bark and growl at in our back yard at some point).

Yesterday, however, Adrian discovered he can fit through the doggie door. And suddenly it was totally exciting to Lola and she kept following him in and out. If only he had made that discovery a couple weeks ago. It would have made training Lola to use that door much, much easier!


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