Elementary School

Adrian’s kindergarten teacher has a lot of years of experience with 5 and 6 year olds and it’s a good thing since he is a crazy little boy. He’s had two “problem” notes home so far. Nothing she’s said surprises me in the least. Luckily she’s seen it all before. He’s had to sit in the reflection chair several times and is very excited when he ends the day on yellow instead of red. He says he’s trying to stay on green, but it’s just so hard to stay good for 7 hours. His teacher moved his chair to the front right near her desk. Smart teacher.

I think he gets bored. He hates coloring so while the other kids spend 10 or 15 minutes coloring a picture very nicely, Adrian scribbles for 30 seconds and calls it good. He is also one of those kids who thinks learning to read should take 10 minutes so this day after day learning a little at a time thing is driving him crazy. He loves school, though, and is always very excited to go back. So far I think his two favorite things have been getting a book buddy (a 3rd grader who comes and reads to him) and learning about being a bucket filler.

Fritz on the other hand is not a big fan of school. He is very bored and hates how he has so many things he has to remember to do or not do. He has asked several times to be homeschooled again. He likes his teacher, though, and likes some of what he does in school. He hates writing. His handwriting is really bad so we work on that at home as well. His teacher has promised him that soon he can do division. Addition and subtraction is getting old. His favorite part of school is recess.


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