Middle School

Middle school is a weird time no matter if you’ve been homeschooled or if you’ve been in public school your entire life. So putting Cameron in public school for the first time at the beginning of middle school wasn’t an easy decision. The reason we decided to is because the school district has a specific plan for dealing with dyslexic kids. Two weeks into the school year and I can definitely say that putting him in school was the right thing to do.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at the school to determine exactly what accommodations he needs and when they will retest him (it’s been almost 3 years and they retest anyway every three years). In the mean time, however, his teachers have seen that he has issues and they are taking that into account. He took a continents and oceans test last week. Spelling counted. That’s a problem for Cameron. He studied hard to remember where the continents and oceans are, but spelling them correctly, even when copying them from a list just wasn’t happening. On the test he had to write them from memory. He got an 84%! He mixed up where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are, but he remembered every name of the 7 continents and 5 oceans. And he spelled every single one wrong except Asia. So, clearly, his social studies teacher realized spelling them right just wasn’t something Cameron’s able to do (maybe after 6 more months of daily studying… maybe) and so, for him, spelling didn’t count.

So far I have been very happy with what I’ve heard about Cameron’s teachers. We’ll meet his core teachers tonight. He was accidentally put in Debate (instead of a full year of PE, they put him in half year PE and half year Debate). That’s turned out to be fine. He is really enjoying learning about the fallacies and how to debate properly. He’s not a fan of dressing out for PE, but, really… is anyone? He thought lunch was entirely too long, but then he met a girl who is in a few of his classes and he’s been eating with her and they talk so much they barely have time to finish their lunches. He’s making friends and working hard at his school work. I think middle school – or at least 6th grade – won’t be too bad for him (regardless of his insistence that school is “annoying.”).


One thought on “Middle School

  1. This is one of the big reason I am an advocate of the public school system. I believe that while there might be some problems in schools, they do try to help those with children who have special needs. As a substitute teacher, one of my favorite classes I substitute in is a special needs class. I really believe that Public Schools can be a great blessing!

    God Bless,

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