High School

Ani is loving high school. Her only complaint? Not enough homework. Yeah. She’s weird.

Surprisingly, her favorite class is French. She has tried to learn several languages in the past and we finally concluded she’s just not the type to learn foreign languages easily. She has to take three years of the same foreign language and when she picked her classes she decided it would be French. She loves her teacher and so far she’s learning the basics. Hopefully she’ll continue to enjoy it since she has to take it until she’s at least a junior.

Of course she loves her creative writing classes. She likes biology (she got the good teacher) and English and math isn’t as annoying as she’s always claimed (she’s even actually stated that she’s good at math a few times). Not surprisingly, world geography is her least favorite class. Thank goodness for Calvert, though. They really pushed geography so she’s got a good foundation to build on there. Of course she forgot the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on her test yesterday. She remembered the rivers and mountains, but forgot those two oceans. Oops.

Transitioning from homeschooling to public school (plus an age-based grade skip) has been pretty easy for her. A freshman football player even gave her his phone number last week (to which I said “Stop being so cute” and she replied “No”). She is making a lot of friends. She doesn’t love the bus ride (though the first day she got on and thought, “So this is what a school bus looks like!”), but she has a few friends to talk to on there that make it not too bad or she’ll listen to music or read a book or text her friends on other buses on their way to school (and me… she texts me a lot).

She started seminary the second day of school (and so starts 13 years straight of seminary for our family). My child who loves to sleep in gets up, on her own, at 5 every morning. She’s liking seminary a lot. It’s a nice start to the day. She’s had some conversations about the church with various friends. We live very close to the temple here plus she goes to church early in the morning every school day so it comes up a bit. She’s definitely not shy about sharing the gospel and answering questions.


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