Preparing for School

This has been a busy couple weeks getting ready for school to start. Ani had a pool party two weeks ago for the kids in the creative writing magnet. Then she had orientation for her magnet program one day and orientation for freshman the next. This week, Jamie and I went to orientation at the high school for freshman parents, we went to the middle school with Cameron for orientation for 6th graders, and the next day took the little guys to the elementary school to meet their teachers. Today Ani has breakfast at her seminary teacher’s house for all the freshman and tomorrow is a seminary kickoff fireside. Monday morning we get to see just how getting the kids off to the various schools will be (and Jamie and I get to have breakfast at the elementary school since we’re dropping off a kindergartener).

So far I like what I have seen and heard at the schools. The high school has high expectations, but realizes that 14-18 year olds are still kids and will behave as such. The middle school groups the kids into sets of about 175 and those kids have the same 5 core teachers throughout the day. We talked to his math teacher and he is even fine with Cameron writing numbers backwards as long as he can understand what Cameron means (this should only be an issue with 2 and 5, but he gave Cameron a couple ideas to deal with that). We need to get a 504 plan in place for Cameron and he’ll need to be retested since it’s been almost 3 years since the last one. Fritz’s teacher is very sweet and loves hugs and math so she’s a perfect fit for Fritz. Adrian’s teacher has spent her whole 25+ year teaching career with kindergarteners.

It’s weird thinking about not having my kids home with me every day, but I think with this fabulous school system we have here it’ll be a great experience for most, if not all, of them. Two of them are extremely excited about school starting Monday. One is a bit anxious, but now that he’s met his teacher and seen his classroom, he’s looking forward to it. The fourth is not thrilled at all, but then again, he didn’t love school at home either.


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