Why Public School?

There are a couple reasons we are sending the kids to public school this year. The biggest reason is we moved to a fantastic school district. The schools here are well ahead of the schools where we used to live. In fact, had we not been homeschooling with Calvert, Cameron (our one kid who was already on grade level) would be very behind going into 6th grade. The guy who did the reviews where we used to live told us that Calvert is 1 1/2 years ahead of the local schools by the end of 8th grade. Calvert is exactly equal with the schools here. I homeschool because I can give the kids a better education. That may not be the case here.

The other reason is because our state has a stupid requirement in their virtual school law (that I would bet was put in there by homeschoolers or HSLDA because for some reason many homeschoolers feel extremely threatened by the existence of virtual schools). Kids have to be in public school the year before they enroll in a virtual school (and have completed second grade). The virtual schools here offer Calvert or K12. Of course we’ve been using Calvert already. K12 is our second choice curriculum. If/when any of our kids begin using the virtual school we will likely go with a K12 one because that goes through 12th grade instead of 8th (at least for now… Calvert may be adding high school soon). Our first or second choice curriculum for free is very nice (I don’t mind the hoops they make you jump through or the fact that it is, technically, public school).

Ani, Cameron, and Fritz can choose at the end of this school year if they want to continue at the brick and mortar schools or switch to the virtual school. Adrian has to wait a couple more years. He’s going to school now because he wants to and kindergarten is fun. I suspect I know what the kids will choose (and it’s not the same for all of them) after this year. Sometimes I refer to this school year as their “year of incarceration,” but we’re all hopeful that it will be a great experience for everyone.


One thought on “Why Public School?

  1. Thanks for your in site for why you chose public schools. Our state doesn’t have anything that would have held us back from enrolling our Kindergartner into K12, however, like you say every child is different, and our oldest child was one who needs structure in a classroom. It may be different with our child who will start school next year. From one parent to another, I appreciate your post! God Bless.

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