All Registered

Registration for elementary school opened today so now all four kids are registered for school. Ani’s been registered for several weeks since the high school registration follows a different schedule. Cameron will be in middle school so we registered him on Monday when their registration opened.

Cameron is really not looking forward to going to school. He’ll be in sixth grade. For his electives, he selected study period for the full year, a half year of theater, a half year of health, and a full year of PE. Since he wasn’t interested in band or choir his real choice was whether to do a full year of PE or half a year of PE and half a year of debate. I’m amazed at the number of elective options the sixth graders had to choose from.

Fritz will be in second grade and Adrian will be in kindergarten. They take the kids’ personalities into consideration when putting them into classes. She wrote down that Fritz has already completed second grade with Calvert School so he’ll need to be challenged in class. They’ll also evaluate him for speech services since he had a few months of speech therapy when he was 5. She wrote down that Adrian is the youngest of four and is very much a typical youngest child. We’ve been told by several people that we should request a certain kindergarten teacher and every one of them has been mentioned so we figure no matter what we’ll get a good one.

On Saturday Ani has a pool party for her small group of her magnet program and then next week she has orientation for her magnet program one day and orientation for the high school another day. She’ll get her textbooks and locker assignment and a mock schedule to find all the classrooms. The high schoolers don’t get their actual schedules until the first day of school. Cameron has his orientation for the middle school in two weeks. He’ll get his textbooks, locker, and schedule, meet his teachers, and buy his PE uniform. Parents are encouraged to attend with their sixth grader. Also in two weeks, the little guys will have their meet the teacher night. That should help Fritz a lot. He’s very worried about knowing where to go on the first day of school.

The one very odd thing about this district, is the middle and high schoolers get their textbooks before the first day of school and then keep them at home for the whole year. If textbooks are needed at school, they use classroom copies. I think that’s fantastic. They don’t have to worry about leaving a textbooks at home or school and needing it in the other place and don’t have to deal with lugging heavy books back and forth to school.

This should be an interesting year. Very, very, very different from what we are used to.


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