In My Reading Now Folder…

The me of 3 years ago would hate the me of today. Back then I was so adamantly against ereaders and stubbornly for paper books only. Then, after a trip where I forgot to take more than the book I was currently reading, I started to think they weren’t so bad. Eventually, I decided to get one (I started with a Sony). I loved it! I read much faster on an ereader. It’s kind of weird how that works. A few months later I tired of finding free epub books and transferring them via a cable so I got a Kindle.

Oh, how I love my Kindle. It was so fabulous on our trip to Ireland. A month away from home and just a light little Kindle to carry around with a library full of books on it. I even bought a couple books while we were there and they magically appeared on my Kindle ready to be read. Amazing.

I have my books organized into categories. It’s kind of scary because between my “To Read Eventually” and “To Read Soon” and “Reading Now” folders I have over 300 books waiting to be read, plus the paper books I’ve gotten for practically nothing at library sales sitting on my shelves (and, yet, I keep buying more books… I just can’t help it).

So, currently in my Reading Now folder I have:

Isaiah for Airheads by John Bytheway – I am using this one for part of my personal scripture study. At the beginning of the week I read the Sunday School and Relief Society lessons, but the rest of the days I read Isaiah for Airheads and use my Gospel Library app on my Fire to read the verses and make notes in my scriptures.

The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale – I am reading this along with the author in her Squeetus Summer Book Club. She did Princess Academy last July. She reads a chapter each weekday and posts her thoughts, tidbits about writing the book, and answers questions. This is the second time I’ve read this book and it’s even better this time.

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House #1) by Mary Pope Osborne – I read the Magic Tree House books to the big kids several years ago. Now it’s Fritz’s turn. He’s reading this aloud to me, one chapter a day. It’s actually a little behind his reading level, but he’s loving it. I call Magic Tree House the gateway book to Doctor Who (which he loves). After all, what is the tree house but a Tardis for little kids.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini – Cameron is reading this one aloud to me, at a speed of much less than one chapter a day (more like 2-3 pages). Cameron needs the practice reading, but books on his reading level are rather boring to him now. So I let him pick any book and he chose this one. He’s actually doing a pretty good job, much better than I expected given the difference between his and the book’s reading levels.

LDS Scriptures – I use the Gospel Library app on my Fire to read the scriptures myself (and to use at church), but when we read scriptures as a family in the evenings, I use this version on my Kindle. It’s very useful there since I can easily make the font size big for when it is Fritz and Adrian’s turn (Fritz reads his verses off my Kindle, for Adrian I point and say each word one by one and he repeats them and occasionally there is a word he knows and he reads those himself). We’re in Leviticus right now. As a family, we’ve gone through the New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price already. Now we’re in the Old Testament which I’ve actually never read straight through before.

Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth – I love the BBC TV show Call the Midwife so I got the three books the series is based on. I actually haven’t started reading this book yet. I just moved it to my Reading Now folder from my To Read Soon folder because I plan to start reading it today or tomorrow.


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