School Pictures

Ani – 11 years 6 months

Cameron – 9 years 11 months

Fritz – 5 years 1 month

Adrian – 3 years 2 months

8th Grade Box Day!

I hadn’t planned on ordering Ani’s 8th grade stuff until about November (she should finish her summer school stuff the middle to end of November), but Calvert was having a 10% off sale through August, so I decided to go ahead and order 8th grade. It came yesterday.

Ani and I had fun going through her boxes.

Here’s what came in the boxes:

Four lesson manuals, Core A and B and 8th grade level Grammar/Composition/Spelling A and B (she’s doing 8th grade math right now and will not be using Calvert for math during her 8th grade year).

Learning Strategies, Core Activity Pages, Calvert Test Series (since we don’t use the ATS)

America: History of Our Nation, Atlas of United States History, History and Geography Workbook

Elements of Language Second Course, Calvert composition book, two pads of lined paper, one pad of blank paper

Environmental Science, Cells and Heredity, Earth’s Changing Surface, Electricity and Magnetism, Astronomy

The Growing Vocabulary, Stories in Verse, Reflections: An Anthology, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, The Pearl, and True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

two graduated cylinders and stands, magnifying lens, eyedropper, two round blue magnets, horseshoe magnet, pencil box

Ani is very excited about starting 8th grade now!